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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> a star is born. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff will have traffic in a moment. but howard bernstein has your weather first. >> weather is improving, traffic is going downhill, we're saying goodbye to showers and thunderstorms from overnight. we will be drying out for the morning commute, but the evening commute we could see more showers and thunderstorms. the day planner, get out the door, get the kids out the door. a short sleeve day with highs in the lower 80s. you'll notice noontime temperatures upper 70s and 5:00 with a chance of better chance today for thunderstorms. some of which could be strong to severe. we had this during the overnight, you can see the action as it's been pulling away. live doppler 9000hd, we're quiet in town. southern maryland is clearing out, coastal calvert and anne arundel almost done, and weakening. out to the west, there is
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nothing. mid-60s here. 65 at reagan national, 69 at the naval academy and 69 also in southern maryland. angie goff it is 5:00 a.m., here she is with time saver traffic. we are following an issue for you, we begin with the yellow light. good monday morning to you. we begin in fairfax, virginia, we want too let you know we have confirmed a fatal accident on picket road. it has the roadway closed between colonial avenue and mabry drive. to get around it, use the prince william drive to glen brook road or of course you can use old lee highway. it will be out there for at least another hour. let's move out and take you up to 270, we're tracking southbound, and from 80 to 121 no significant delays yet. your live conditions past that show drivers are at speed. back to the maps, the focus over to the outer loop north of the district. a report reveals we have lanes
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open from 95 to georgia avenue. a good example at university. let's move it over to travel times, quickly 66 eastbound in the green from fairfax over to the beltway. the inner loop is just fine approaching the toll road and no complaints on the toll road itself. still ahead a look at prince george's county roads at 5:09. andrea, mike? thank you, a father is expected to mike his first court appearance in the murder of his own daughter. >> it took six months for police to unravel the case after finding the body of 17-year-old ebb bee franklin in a trash bin. surae chinn has more from d.c. superior court. >> reporter: these are disturbing details unfolding about this case. some of these details tough to hear. that a father is accused of killing his own daughter. listen to the accused rodney mcin tire as he criticized police. >> homicide have been here 13 times. my family has never been
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harassed. they're harassing my cousins, it's like they're targeting my family. >> the 49-year-old man who had been critical of police in trying to solve his daughter's murder is now the man charged with the crime. last november ebony franklin's body was found in a columbia heights dumpster. police say the 17-year-old was stabbed to death and the two had some type of sexual relationship. the chief announced that the victim's father was at the center of the investigation all along. >> he was a suspect from very early on in this investigation and yes, he was very critical of the police department, of detectives for harassment, but now the end of the day, we understand why. >> reporter: we are in front of d.c. superior court because it is expected that mcentire will have his arraignment today, we will hear more detail about this gruesome murder. >> you talked about how for
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knicks six months the police were asking for help and the father was a suspect. how did he become a suspect? what was the tipping point? >> reporter: well, the chief kathy lanier said the weekend described they had cell phone data and records giving some information possibly a motive, but definitely enough to make an arrest over the weekend. andrea? >> very sad story, surae chinn live from d.c. superior court. while you slept authorities have shut down much of joplin missouri, when asked to comment about 24 people being dead, officials responded they fear that toll could be much, much higher. rescue crews will conduct more thorough services after day break. >> one minute it was just barely sprinkling and the next minute boy, the whole world just upside down. >> an emergency management director estimates the tornado damaged 2000 buildings in
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something and a city of 50,000 people, a hospital was hit and degree was found 60 miles away. metro police video shows them forcefully arresting an elderly man in a wheelchair. police say he was drinking and refused their orders to leave. then he wouldn't comply when officers tried to issue him a citation. lawrence miller says he saw a pool of blood and tried to help the man he calls mr. harry, but then police arrested him. he says the wheelchair found man didn't deserve to be arrested. three teens police say tried to swim across the potomac river. rescuers from several agencies rushed to the scene near washington harbor last night and pulled two boys and a girl out of the water. in the rushing water the teens could have been hurt by floating debris. swim something prohibited in that part of the river. five after the hour, time for the latest your money
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report of the morning. headline time, jessica has that. >> good morning to both of you. could we get out of this slump already? could we just do this wall street, seriously. >> wall street starting this morning with three losing weeks under its b. checking the numbers the dow starting the new week at 12,512. friday another 93-point loss. the nasdaq was down by 20. the s&p 500 was off by ten. investors, you have taken the wall street average, sell in may and go away. the major averages are down 2% in the last three weeks alone. stocks under pressure by the latest rounds of economic and corporate news suggesting that the economic recovery may be slowing. still, here to date, the key averages are up between six to 8%. shoe and accessory maker jimmy choo has been purchased, a private luxury group called label lux. the terms were not disclosed, but the new york
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times is reporting the company is worth a cool $800 million. >> hello. a lot of money for shoes. >> she did well. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> we are going to talk about the new look for the apple stores. they may look different the next time you go in. >> interesting, cool, thank you jessica. police make an arrest in the stadium parking lot beating that marred the start of this year's baseball season. that story is coming up. a former teammate of lance armstrong tells the world what he told the grand jury about whether or not armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs. and today president obama may see some long lost relatives as he begins a trip to europe. we'll be right back.
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coming up on 5:09 this monday morning, it is dry in most areas, the showers have moved east now. mainly east of the chesapeake and weakening. we'll see more later on. keep that in mind if you have plans for the afternoon. we're looking at a chance for some showers and storms. 81 degrees by 3:00. we'll see highs in the low 80s with drive home temperatures in the low 80s. some storms could be strong to severe. angie has time saver traffic. >> we are looking at the prince george's county roads route four, five, 301, crane avenue, no issues to report. the accident in fairfax, picket road should be back open, we'll have the details at 5:16. making news now at 5:09, pakistani commandos have cornered militants who raided a
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naval base in karachi. three security officers were killed and destroyed two aircraft. pakistani authorities are gearing up for a violent end to the standoff since they believe the militants plan to fight until they are killed. police have made an arrest in the near fatal beating of a baseball fan outside dodgers stadium. an east hollywood apartment, officers went to that apartment, and got hundreds of tips and coming up with descriptions. a san francisco giants fan suffered severe brain trauma in the attack. president obama is starting a six day trip to europe today. first stop ireland where the president has some distant relatives in the central part of the country. the big issue in ireland is green. their sagging economy. the president will stop in england, france and poland. are you working out this morning? find out where d.c. ranks on the nation's fittest cities at 5:35. at 5:23 a local college
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reaches the final four in lacrosse. and at 5:14, howard looks at our forecast heading into the memorial day weekend. we'll be back. call or click today. so why use a dirty dishwasher? hidden dirt can build up.
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5:13 this monday morning. it's time to get up. howard bernstein is here to get
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us started. the world did not come to an end, but in the places in the midwest, it must have seemed like it. >> we're under the risk of a severe risk today, they believe the parameters are there for us to get strong to severe thunderstorms. could have damaging wind gusts or large hail. defined anything larger than three quarters of an inch. it may not seem big when you hear about the stories of baseball size hail that was falling in missouri, oklahoma and kansas with these storms. we'll pay attention to that this afternoon. this morning things are nice and quiet. getting ready to head out or get the kids off to the bus stop looking got. your bus stop forecast mostly cloudy, temperatures running for the most part mid-60s out there, comfortable. a little breeze, but i think you can get by without a jacket. sunrise 5:50. if you go sleeveless, my wife will say, short sleeves,
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sleeveless, capri pants? it's all good today. what is this laura petry, capris, like i said. she is asking me if she's laura pet-ry, we'll talk later. >> 11:00 a.m., 75 degrees, decent for lunch. a bit breezy, ten to 12 # miles per hour, and temperatures this afternoon lower 80s, as we head into the mid and latter part of the afternoon, this is when you've got the threat for strong storms returning. the 5:00 temperature 78. we had some lightning and thunder overnight. here it comes, and there it goes. >> on live doppler 9000 d.c., it's east and south of washington. some sprinkles in chester, queenstown and centerville, over to easton you have light showers. scattered about toward solomon, the bridge going to st. mary's
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county. and you may get clipped in southern charles county by a light sprinkle in the next 20, 30 minutes. temperatures very uniform from 63 to 66. everybody else in that range. the naval academy shall the bay is getting warm, up to 70 right now. cloudy, 65 at national. the winds are calm. and humidity is high at the 7%. so a -- 97% a made and muggy morning. a dryer morning. look at the storms pounding areas in missouri, moved too tennessee, kentucky and ohio. this is some of the action that we'll watch. this could mess up your evening ball practice or so. and the threat for severe weather, in yellow. we're talking about that. that is all potentially damaging wind gusts, large hail and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out for the entire yellow region. not here but we'll watch it. low 80s, scattered showers and storms. near 70 tonight. tomorrow 86, wednesday 88.
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and i think our storm chances drop off a little wednesday. and then mainly afternoon and evening storm chances. 90 on thursday, but we're back in the mid-80s as we head toward the weekend and a little unsettled headed toward memorial day. angie? thank you, howard. we continue to keep the yellow light on, as problems are in fairfax, virginia. picket road remains closed between colonial avenue and matthew drive. you'll want to use prince william drive to glenbrook or old lee highway. we're hearing from officials they plan to be there for another 45 minutes to another hour or so. the roadway will remain closed. a wide view of the area, no other major problems to report. we'll focus on 95, that northbound trip outside as we move to our cameras, congesting building around the prince william parkway. back every to the real time graphics, this time 66, you are our next focus. we are tracking eastbound drivers in the green.
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outside live we are looking around the car rest area from 234 to inside the beltway, you'll find your lanes wide open. also with travel times, 95 in maryland southbound from 216 down to the beltway, looking at ten minutes. also the inner loop checking out at speed from route four crossing the bill son bridge. no complaints on 295. a look around the region at 5:24. tyler hamilton was not well known to anyone outside the world of professional cycling until last night. >> that's right. on 60 minutes hamilton said he used performance-enhancing drug and he also said so did seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong. >> i saw it in his refrigerator, you know. i saw him inject it more than one time. >> now hamilton had denied doping until he was subpoenaed to testify about it last year. he is the third teammate of armstrong's who has admitted
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using the drugs and accused armstrong of doping as well. armstrong continues to deny he has ever used any illegal substances while racing. >> and reportedly has taken hundreds of tests that are negative. the nationals slowed their chance to win the battle of the beltway. which member of miami's big three came through in the clutch this time? highlights in sports. it's time for the question of the morning again 33% of us have admitted to doing this while driving even though it's not safe, a texting; b, e-mailing or; c changing clothes. >> tina wrote i see more people texting and e-mailing while driving, i saw one man doing homework while driving, i was safe changing clothes -- none of the above for me. safety first. good thing, gina. post your guess on your fan page. we'll reveal the answer in the next half hour.
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5:22, saying goodbye to showers from overnight. by 9:00 this morning, we are looking partly sunny, temperatures around 70, if not in the lower 70s, midday mid to upper 70s higher, a passing cloud. and in the afternoon we start to see showers break out to the west an move across the region
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throughout the afternoon. highs in the low 80s. thank you very much, howard. maryland moves into the final four in search of a national lacrosse championship. after an impressive win friday the nationals lose the battle of the beltway. here are your highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the nationals started out inter-league play with a bang, putting up 17 runs against the orioles friday night to take the first game in the battle of the beltway, but brought back to reality dropping the next two. at the match at camden yards yesterday, top of the fourth bases are loaded, a shot off the leg of chris tillman, mark reynolds cannot get a handle on it, one to nothing nats. trailing one to nothing in the seventh. one swing of the bat changes that. a two run homer. baltimore leads by one. in the night, kevin greg strikes one out, throws out ryan
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picksler. the orioles 12 to one. >> irritated, that's all. i'll tell you what, if managers get thrown out of the ball games f that's what it takes to get a ball game fired up you're in trouble. >> terrapins taking on, scott larue, evens the score, get the goal, a nice finish on the strong move. time running out in the third quarter, young with a pass to laraw, and terps led by two. syracuse forced over time. grant catalino, scores the game winner. maryland is final four bound, beating top seeded syracuse six to five in overtime. miami's third wheel, kept things turning in the eastern conference finals, all chris bosh last night. 32 points on the night.
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however, the game stayed close until the heat went on a nine to zero run against the bulls. the heat 196-85. miami has won every home game in the playoffs. game four tomorrow night in miami a kayaker lives to tell the tale of his terrifying ride down a raging potomac river. that story is coming up. another scene of destruction after a tornado flattens most of joplin missouri. we have an alert, a car fire has route 50 temporarily closed between cedar lane and prosperity avenue. we will have the latest on this and the fairfax fatal. that's at 5:30. stay with 9news now.
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welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. angie will be back with traffic in a moment.
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i'm about to sneeze again, trying to hold it back. allergies a horrible this morning. >> the mold spores, we talked about that, we have high grass pollen, trees are coming down a hill bit, until we get a hot, dry pattern, i have to tell you it will be a tough few more weeks for you. >> yeah. >> suck it up. >> suck it up. good morning, everybody. it's monday we'll get through this, mid-60s knocks you upper 70s by noon. i don't foresee two many problems through mid afternoon. it's the latter part of the afternoon and this evening when we could have a few strong thunderstorms around here, maybe a few severe thunderstorms around here. overnight we had showers and thunderstorms that came through. that's what may have woke you up in one or two spots. it was rumbling out there. this morning we're clearing out to the west. things are quiet. temperatures are in the 60s, 70 in annapolis, 69 in southern maryland at the packs naval air station. low to mid-60s in the valley.
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oakland is mild at 67. today we're looking agent highs i think more like 82, not 79 in town. 83 at leesburg, manassas, frederick 83 and near 80 on the bay. a decent day. watch out for strong storms possible this afternoon. it's 5:30. angie, what about the roads? >> busy, busy for a monday morning. i'm sure the rain a factor with that. we begin with the yellow light because we've been following this since early on a fatal accident in fairfax county. what we have is picket drive, shut down between colonial avenue and matthew drive. prince william drive over to glenbrook is a good alternate or use old lee highway. but we expect officials to have this road shut down for at least another half hour or so. use an alternate. a car fire, we told you about this earlier, holding steady at route 50. it's blocking all lanes between cedar lane and prosperity avenue. police are on the scene directing traffic around this
5:31 am
one. live outside we bring you to northeast d.c., inbound new york avenue is moving well, past the construction, past penn street, and m street and wisconsin look quiet. the trains are all on time. still ahead more on the virginia tie ups at 5:39. this morning, authorities are waiting for daylight to see the full extent of the devastation in joplin, missouri. a monster tornado struck the city of 50,000 last night, damaging thousands of buildings there. at the center of one of the hardest hit areas is a hospital, where staff had a few moments notice to move patients. when asked to comment on 24 people dead, authorities say that may be a very low estimate. those who survived know they are very lucky. >> you only have to go half a block up there, those houses are just leveled up there. and they've been taking people out of walgreens left and right out there.
5:32 am
so i don't know what happened inside walgreens. >> other survivors say their own neighborhoods or streets look like war zones. today a local father is expected to be arraigned on charges in the brutal murder of his teenage daughter. ebony franklin's body was found last fall. she had been stabbed and dumped in a trash bin. d.c. police announced the arrest in the six-month-old case this weekend. surae chinn joins us live from d.c. superior court with more on this very disturbing case. >> reporter: mike, andrea, you know, this girl's body was thrown away like a piece of trash. and even more shocking is that the father is accused of the crime. he is expected to be in superior court today for his arraignment. and on top of this horrible, horrible case, the police chief it saying that the two had some type of intimate relationship. >> i'm going to try to stick to documents that will be public once he is arraigned in court, but i'd say that there is evidence that there was a
5:33 am
sexual relationship, yes. >> reporter: disturbing new information. the police chief revealed that over the weekend as they announced they have closed the case on 17-year-old ebony franklin who was found stabbed to death and stuffed in a columbia heights dumpster. her own father, 49-year-old rodney mcintyre is charged with her murder. mcintyre who had been publicly critical of the police in trying to solve the case and the treatment he was getting is now charged. it took half a year to solve this gruesome murder, but police say they've got evidence linking mcintyre to his daughter's murder. >> there was a variety of different things that was looked at to include cell phone data, but a lot of electronic exploitation of records to determine part of what we needed to determine to close the case. >> reporter: as for a murder, the police chief would not go into that, as for the alleged sexual relationship, they would not go further into that. mcintyre is expected to be in
5:34 am
court. we'll learn more about this case later on today, mike, andrea? surae chinn, live from d.c. superior court, thank you. police are trying to track down a motorcyclist, a maryland straight trooper was pursuing before his death. shaft hunter's patrol car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer in howard county. investigators say they saw a motorcycle and a trooper pass at a high rate of speed. hundreder was a father of six, no word on funeral arrangements. a local kayaker is happy to be around this morning after finding himself in serious trouble. the man who only identified him himself as william, tumbled down the potomac river, riding down the river for an hour and a half. he was eventually able to grab a rock and hold on. >> if i hadn't had a vest on, things probably would have ended differently for me. >> park police say the spot
5:35 am
where william landed is the exact same spot where a mother and daughter drowned last year. if you work in the main headquarters of the washington suburban sanitary commission, you may be able to go back to sleep, only emergency and essential employees should report to the headquarters, which is on switzer lane in laurel, maryland. a fire knocked out power, and the building is on a backup system. all other plants and depos will be open as usual. 5:35. jessica doyle is back with a look at the mortgage industry. >> that's right. the pressure keeps mounting on the mortgage industry. states attorney's general are stepping up investigations of mortgage practices. investigations into whether mortgage companies foreclosed on properties they didn't have the correct documents for. the wall street journal reports new york has issued subpoenas looking into how the companies originated home loans and packaged them into securities. at the same time california is
5:36 am
expected to announce today a new law enforcement effort to go after the industry. the next time you walk into an apple store, it could look a little different. the company just unveiled a new look to it's stores worldwide. our partners at usa today report they will use dedicated i pads for all of the products as sales tools for comparison shopping and customer assistance. you tap on a button to help, and the picture of an available sales rep shows up on the ipad with a promise that he or she will be right over to help you out. do you pay money for a gym membership? do you invest in sports and workout equipment? you're part of the reason why washington, d.c. is considered the second most fit city in the u.s. the american college of sports medicine only ranks minneapolis, st. paul as an area that's healthier than this area here. the index considers 30 factors, disease rates, mortality, physical attributes and lifestyle. >> and three legged races
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apparently. q. that is pretty cool. we're like wow, d.c. >> we'll take it. and we'll go biking or something. going to the trainer this afternoon. >> good for you. 5:36. another republican officially enters the presidential race today. >> the miracle on the hudson plane is ready to make it's final trip. 5:37. you're watching 9news now. hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health.
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a goodmen dye morning, very comfortable out here on -- good monday morning. very comfortable out here. the birds are singing, and the rain is gone, a good start to your monday morning. we've got a little sunshine expected. temperatures by noon upper 70s, we'll get to the low 80s, scattered strong thunderstorms are possible in the late afternoon and evening. angie has a look at this
5:40 am
morning's time saver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we've been following this traffic alert all morning long. we're live from the scene from fairfax, virginia police on the seen here where picket road remains closed between colonial avenue and matthew drive. we're expected they expect to keep it shut down for at least another 20 minutes. still ahead i'll have the way to get around this accident that involves an over turned vehicle. looks like they could be out there longer than that 20 minutes. that's at 5:47 along would car fire on 50 in virginia. for now back to mike. busy morning. the miracle on the hudson plane is about to make it's final trip this week. captain sullenberger landed it on the hudson river, an amazing story, after the plane ran into a flock of geese. crews at the new jersey hangar have finished cleaning the air bus jet but they left the dents and cracks in the windows. it will be trucked to charlotte, north carolina. the plane should arrive in mid
5:41 am
june and be assembled for display at the airport's museum later this summer. the party is breaking up at the international space shuttle. the iss crew held a change of command ceremony toed by farewell to three astronauts that will return to earth on a russian spacecraft. the russian crew will take the only distance photos ever shot during the space station with the shuttle attached. >> we will answer our question of the day coming up. and the unwritten chapter in a d.c. journalist who wrote a memoir on her battle with breast cancer. joan collins is 78, drew carey is 53 and mitch albon is 53. jewel is 37. he is one of the winningest jeopardy contestants ever, ken jennings is 37.
5:42 am
and soap opera actress kelly monaco is 35 today.
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weather first time now, i'm ready for the sneezing to go away, howard says no way. >> be proactive. >> i'm taking benadryl. i'm washing all the pollen off regularly, doing that. maybe it doesn't work. >> sinus. >> you have to get that stuff the little bee has in the commercial. >> could be. the allergens will be up, nasonex. >> the allergens are up thanks to the moisture, the mold spores are going nuts the last few days thanks to the moisture we'd have. tree and gas grass pollen as well. >> very comfortable in the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60s in many areas, and we've got light
5:46 am
wind. sunrise happening five minutes from now. 5:50, it is light out there. a decent morning. we'll start out with clouds and we see some sunshine, upper 70s by noon. winds out of the south, the wind arrows pointing north, they're coming from the south at 11 miles per hour at noon. at 4:80 degrees, scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in from the west to the east for the afternoon and evening. and by 8:00 we're back down to 76. so i think if you have soccer or little league practice or get outside this evening, pay attention to the radar. last night we had showers and thunderstorms push across the region, this morning you see everything is east of us. doppler 9000hd, our western friends are quiet, eastern shore you have light showers, and in southern maryland, the northern neck a few very light sprinkle asks what we're dealing from newland to charles county, all moving across southern charles, st. mary's and calvert counties over to the eastern shore in
5:47 am
the next hour. temperatures on the mild side, especially south. pax river 70 degrees, fredericksburg 58, winchester 63 with gaitestburg and cumberland. reagan national 64 with cloudy skies and calm winds. and the barometer is holding at 29.98. we had one batch of showers and thunderstorms last night. this is the heavy showers and storms that brought deadly tornadoes to joplin, moving to tennessee, kentucky and ohio. at this pace we'll have to watch to see how much of this holds together for this afternoon. we are expecting some of that in pennsylvania today mid afternoon. this should be that same line about 6:00 p.m., right through the metro, right through the heart of the evening rush hour. so keep that in mind as you head out this evening. showers and thunderstorms may be following you on that walk. 82 degrees this afternoon. tonight we're in the 60s, storms this afternoon could be strong to severe. stay up on the weather, 86 on tuesday, with afternoon showers
5:48 am
and storm. wednesday 88. slim chance of a shower or stop. thursday, friday, saturday, mainly afternoon storms. the heat on thursday 90. mid-80s to finish the week. 5:47. here's angie with traffic. >> as you get geared up for 6:00, almost there. we are following old problems with the yellow light on. let's look live from the scene, courtesy of our photographer kevin king. he takes us to fairfax, virginia we have a pretty bad crash. notice the overturned vehicle. the officials are telling us they were hoping to have this cleared in the next 12 to 15 minutes, from the looks of it, it looks like it could be longer than that. this is what you need to know, picket road is closed between colonial avenue and matthews drive. i would avoid the area, but if you need to get around it, use old lee highway or prince william drive to glenbrook. that will help you navigate around this crash scene. let's move over to better news in virginia, eastbound route 50, that car fire we've been
5:49 am
watching is now clear. this is between cedar lane and prosperity avenue. no lingering delays we're told. over to the maryland roadways, 270 slowing down, dragging along from 80 to 109. still okay past the split. no problems to report open the outer loop from 95 to georgia avenue. just congestion building. 66 eastbound looks like we just have follow around 234. the latest on your fairfax fatal crash at 6:00. thank you. making news now at 5:49 this morning, missouri is the worst of several states where tornadoes struck sunday. at least one person died in minnesota after severe storms roared through the twin cities. about two dozen were injured. the area is under a state of emergency until daylight this morning. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty has posted an online video announcing he is a candidate for president. the 50-year-old republican will make his speech announcing his candidacy today in iowa. pawlenty says he is running for
5:50 am
president because he quote has the courage to face america's challenges. today a ban on outdoor smoking is no longer allowed in family friendly public places, like beaches, parks, and former smoker michael bloomberg pushed through the law. an emmy award winning producer, writer, interviewer, blogger, locals remember carroll and her late husband howard who own nathan's in georgetown. they she has a just released memoir, what is not in the book is the buddy check nine report. >> the response has been wonderful, which of course is the sweetest thing that can happen when you've written a book. >> carroll joints, worked alongside walter cronkite and larry king, now the veteran journalist is promoting her memoir, innocent spouse. it took two years to write the story of her personal pain,
5:51 am
finding out how little she knew about her husband howard and his business dealings. the lies and secrets that surfaced after his death nearly cost carroll everything she had worked for. >> i make peace with everybody by the end, it's a happy ending. >> what didn't make the book was carroll's medical crisis. in february she was diagnosed with breast cancer. she likened the news to swimming in quicksand, the title of her blog. >> oh my god, i fell apart. >> the lesion wayside at the timed during her routine mammogram. >> the first thing i said whatever it is i want a double mastectomy. take them both off, i'm fine with that. >> that reaction came as no surprise to her breast surgeon at the cancer institute at the washington hospital center. >> i want this whole thing done and settled and never bother them again. >> she said calm down, if its cancer it's very early. it's probably not even invasive. >> that's exactly what it was. the cancer, a stage zero was
5:52 am
confined to the milk ducts, that early detection meant carroll could consider several treatment options besides a mastectomy. >> with some talking and reassurance we were able to bring her from there to having a lumpectomy. >> we strive to give a patient a feeling of wholeness, if we can do that with keeping their natural tissues, i think that works best. >> satisfied with her choices, carroll went into surgery at noon and was on her way home at 3:00 p.m. the same day. >> the same day, that's modern cancer. >> that's incredible. that was in march. carroll is wrapping up 17 weeks of radiation and she is candidate forte mocks for tamoxifen. we have a link to her blog on our website >> you have time to raise money for the race for the cure, 75%
5:53 am
of the monies stay in our area, like the cancer institute at the washington hospital center. go to to register or donate to team buddy check nine. time to answer the question of the morning. >> it is 33% of us have admit the doing this while driving even though it's not safe. is it a, texting; b, e-mailing or; c changing clothes? >> one of the comments on facebook, julie wrote, c, changing clothes and d putting on make up. >> paul wrote, picking their nose, i see it all the time, both men and women. oh, paul we didn't need to know that, but the answer is c, changing clothes. >> people think they're in private when they're driving. doing crazy things. >> i waited until i got to the stoplight to put on different sock or shoe or something like that. >> thank you for playing along.
5:54 am
d.c.'s younger movers and shakers are recognized at a special event. that story is coming up. if you thought the pirates were hot in america, they're also a global force. we'll explain that. jessica over to. >> speaker 1: if you don't have plans yet for the memorial day weekend, i've got you covered. last minute deals to get away. that's coming up at 6:07. you're watching 9news now. softens my dry skin.
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. 5:56. we had some showers overnight. most of that has gone, across the eastern shore and a few sprinkles in southern maryland. through the day 70s to near 80 with partly sunny conditions. mid afternoon showers and storms out of west virginia and the shenandoah valley will come across the region. not everybody will see them. we could see strong to severe storms, we'll get into the mid-80s. it's a pirate take over at the box office, the fourth pirates of the caribbean movie opened this weekend, it earned a respectable $90 million in the u.s., the pirates on stranger tides took in a record $256 million internationally. with a combined total of 346 million in the end, that is the fourth largest global
5:58 am
opening ever. after pirates, the film bridesmaids made $21 million, thor slipped to third, cash five and rio round up the top five. pirates will be competing with the top winner from cannes. the tree of lights won the pouf coveted award at the festival. it stars brad pitt and sean penn. it opens may 27th. washington's best movers and shakers under the age of 40 gathered for the young on the guest list party, hosted by washington life magazine, the event recognized the most accomplished young leaders in our nation's capital, including members of congress and media personalities. this year's party was creative inspiration. >> how are you doing, wusa9. this is the lovely angie.
5:59 am
>> we're here, there are 250 of the top movers and shakers at longview galleries. row 24 chef is here. it's the best party of the year here in washington. >> we're so excited to be here. it's an awesome venue, a great time, great drinks, great food. we're having a great time. >> the event features a juicy couture area. >> you will find a link to my blog on and i'm always taking your story ideas and videos as well, log on to face angie. >> my daughter designs handbags for juicy couture. glad you're here, happy monday, i'm mike hydeck, angie will be back with traffic.


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